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What our patients say

I got quotes from three local dentists for the implant and Dr Dhaliwal was the cheapest. However, it wasn't so much the price that sold it for me, as the fact that he inspired so much confidence in me about the proceedure. Other dentists I saw gave me the impression that this was something they didn't do regularly but Dr Dhaliwal has so much experience and does this successfully on a very regular basis. Because of this, he was able to speak honestly and with experience based knowledge about the potential risk and benefits and I was always treated in a very friendly, professional and respectful manner.
I'd also like to say that all of the staff at the practice are friendly and helpful and I would not hesitate to recommend the practice and Dr Dhaliwal.

Jo - Kings Heath

After losing a tooth I really struggled with eating, I would choke on food that hadn't been chewed because it was stuck in the gap between my teeth. After literally biting my tongue far too many times, I went to Kings Heath Midlands Smile Centre for a Dental Implant.
The staff talked to me about the work first then I went home and researched the procedure and the track record of Kings Heath Midlands Smile Centre. Happy with what I found out, I came back and had the implant.
The initial consultation went really well. The dentist thought I had a good amount of bone to implant with and my nerves were not in any danger of getting in the way. I found Midlands Smile Centres Dental Implant Centre to be outstanding, the dentist was both friendly and professional. All the staff were really nice and made me feel valued. The procedure went really well and I must say, I'm so glad I got my dental implant and I'm so glad I had it done by Midlands Smile Centres. I'm really happy to recommend them to other people.

Jon – Bournville

Quality of care from my dentist was fantastic, I felt very comfortable and would definitely attend for my regular 6 month check ups. Reception staff were very polite and helpful, I was very nervous when I arrived. The dental nurse and my dentist reassured me and supported me throughout my treatment.

Llyn – Billesley

I’d like to thank Dr Mehta for being so good in helping me with my dental phobia during my recent visits. I have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends!
Thank you, my braces are brill x

Tia – Selly Oak