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Dental Implants Birmingham

Dental Implants Birmingham
Kings Heath
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Emergency Treatment

Dental Emergency

Midland Smile Centres Emergency Treatment Number: 07960344510
This number can also be found on our out-of-hours voicemail message.

Emergency dental treatment is available from Midlands Smile Centres at any time. It is not necessary to be a Midland Smile Centres patient to receive emergency dental treatment.

It is crucial to get to a dentist quickly when you have a dental emergency. Chances of treatment being successful are vastly improved when a dentist is seen immediately, and toothache can be resolved faster. As Midlands Smile Centres have practices across Birmingham, this means that we are generally nearer to patients than the Dental Hospital or than other dentists that can provide Emergency Dental treatment. We will usually be able to respond to your problem faster than a Dental Hospital*.

Signs of dental problems are frequently missed in the early stages. Low pain levels are often overlooked during the day. If you find that painkillers are not alleviating the pain sufficiently, contact Midland Smile Centres on our emergency treatment number 07960344510. We will aim to arrange for you to receive treatment at your nearest Midland Smile Centres practice. If this is not possible, emergency dentists are usually on duty at the Selly Oak and Kings Heath Midland Smile Centres.

Contact us immediately if you have any of these problems:

  • Toothache which has lingered, even aften cleaning, flossing and taking painkillers, for more than half an hour.

  • A lump located by the root of your tooth, on your gum line. This could be an abscess and will lead to tooth loss if left untreated.

  • A broken filling or tooth. This can cause further tooth or filling damage if left untreated, and ultimately tooth loss.

  • A broken crown. Failure to seek treatment could lead to untreatable decay in the root of the tooth, abscesses and eventual tooth loss.

  • A tooth which has been knocked out. Dislodged teeth can be re-inserted, so if you have the tooth, keep it in a container filled with milk and take it with you when seeking help. Do not clean or wash the tooth as this will reduce the chance of the tooth being re-inserted. Any dirt on the tooth can be cleansed by the milk without harming the tissue. Any remaining dirt can be cleaned by the dentist.

  • A lost tooth. The wound in your gum left by the lost tooth requires the attention of a dentist. Infection in the wound can lead to abscesses as well as other complications. This is a particularly important issue if you are planning to have a dental implant.

  • A partially dislodged or loose adult tooth. Unless you are preventing the tooth from falling out, avoid touching it. Aim to support the tooth instead of exerting pressure to keep it in place. A dentist may be able to insert the tooth back into its original place.

To receive our emergency dental treatment, you do not need to be registered with Midland Smile Centres or have previously been a patient of Midland Smile Centres.

The Midland Smile Centres Emergency Dental Treatment number is: 07960344510

*assumes Midlands Smile Centre practices are closer to patients than Birmingham Dental Hospital and patients call during practice opening hours.

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