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Dental Implants Birmingham

Dental Implants Birmingham
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Dental Implants

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If you have lost one tooth or more, if you have healthy gums and would like a comfortable and natural looking solution, then dental implants may well be the right choice for you. When it comes to missing teeth, dental implants are arguably the best and most versatile treatment available.

What is a Dental Implant?

There are two parts to a dental implant: a high quality false tooth which looks like the real thing, and a supporting titanium rod. The rod does the job of the root on a natural tooth and is inserted into the jawbone, effectively anchoring the tooth to your jaw.

Although this may sound like a slightly daunting operation, to a skilled implant dentist it is not complicated. Many patients say that the operation is nothing compared to the immensely positive impact having an implant has on their lives.

Dental Implants in Birmingham

The problem you faced before you came to us?
After many years of having a bridge at the front of my mouth this eventually collapsed meaning I had a choice of a denture or implant.

Your experiences at the practice, which dentist you saw; the quality of our care, service, quality of treatment and patient care?
I saw Dr Chohan who expertly guided me through the whole process. He put me completely at ease and although the procedure was quite ‘strange’ at no time did I feel any pain, even after the implant was fitted.

The major benefits you've noticed since having the treatment?
The major benefit is that at the age of ‘56’ I didn’t want to have to put dentures in and out. I now have what seems like a ‘normal’ tooth.

Was it a good investment of time and money? And how were the staff?
This is probably the best investment I have made, for my future, regarding health.

What advice would you give to people who are considering this type of treatment?
Do not read too much about the procedure but be guided by your dentist. Choose your dentist wisely and have absolute faith in him/her. At no time did I feel any pain.

Any other comments?
I feel very lucky to have had this procedure done by someone of Dr Chohan’s expertise who is very passionate about this new technology. Although I felt a bit nervous to begin with, I also found it fascinating as a procedure.

Why Choose a Dental Implant

One of the most common reasons for choosing dental implants is to restore a smile and the confidence that goes with it. Teeth lost within a patient's visible smile can have an enormously detrimental effect on their self-confidence, not only can they look unsightly but they can also have an effect on speech.

Teeth play an important role in the formation of sound, and it is not uncommon for patients with teeth gaps to whistle while talking. It's also not uncommon for patients to wrap their lips over their tooth line to cover the missing teeth, which also has an effect on speech. These problems are easily overcome with the use of dental implants.

Another problem reported by patients with missing teeth is that their eating experience has suffered. When a tooth is missing, it is easy for hard or sharp foods to be pressed against the exposed gum when the patient chews.

Although a bridge can help with this, the gum line is known to shrink when a bridge is used. Bridges also place extra load on the adjacent teeth and make them harder to clean; over time, the teeth near the bridge tend to wear and eventually break creating a need for false teeth.

All this can be avoided with dental implants, and patients often report that eating is a lot more enjoyable after the procedure.

The Procedure

This short video from Straumann provides a useful overview into dental implant procedures.

We offer the no scalpel technique for our implant procedure. This allows the placement of implants into the gum without the need for incision with a scalpel, thus reducing bleeding, pain and swelling. The dentist uses x-ray imaging to map exactly where to place the implant. Using this technique, the implant can be fully in place within three or four months with only two visits.

Is It Suitable for Anyone?

These procedures are not always suitable for everyone and we are more than happy to talk you in detail about this for free. If you decide that you would like an implant, then we will check to see if your gums are healthy enough to successfully take implants.

If we think the operation is likely to be a success then one of our skilled dentists will carefully conduct the implant procedure; using modern and use proven techniques that minimize the risk of nerve damage.

Where Can I Have It Done?

We can't emphasise enough the importance of having this procedure performed by an experienced dentist, with a history of successful dental implant procedures, like our Kings Heath and Selly Oak Dental Implant Centres.

Performing a dental implant is a complex procedure which requires experince and technique. When performed incorrectly various possible problems can occur, including infection and gum damage, so don't buy on price alone. Our Dental Implant Centres have over 27 years' experience and an excellent track record with dental implants in Birmingham.

If you choose to get your dental implants with us, then you will have the actual implant fitted by our specialist in either Kings Heath or Selly Oak. However, you can get the crown fitted and any after-care you need from any of our dental practices in Birmingham.

You will find it very difficult to find another dentist who has a better track record with dental implant procedures than our Birmingham Dental Implant Centres. We aim to keep our prices as competitive as possible and we offer a dental plan which makes this procedure even more affordable.

We pride ourselves on offering competitive rates, so why look elsewhere?

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