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Dental Implants Birmingham

Dental Implants Birmingham
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Porcelain Veneers

Usually made of tooth coloured porcelain, a veneer is a thin layer which is placed over the tooth to mask discolouring or chipping. This can produce beautiful results with little intervention.

Dental Implants Birmingham

If you feel that the quality of your smile is lessened by obvious visual imperfections on your teeth, then veneers could be the right treatment for you.

Veneers can be used to conceal visual disfigurement when teeth have become discoloured, damaged, misshappen or misaligned through accidents, nerve damage or tooth decay. Unlike crowns, fitting a veneer means that large parts of healthy tooth do not need to be removed. Veneers are a very effective solution where the structure of the tooth is essentially sound and the tooth does not require a crown; where the damage is merely visual, not touching of the fabric of the tooth.

In most cases, veneers are fitted for purely cosmetic purposes. Often with only one or two veneers, it will be possible to see a massive enhancement to the appearance of your smile.

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