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Dental Implants Birmingham
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Facial Aesthetics

Dermal fillers

Dermal Fillers consist of injections of dermal filler into the deeper areas of wrinkles, to soften them or make them disappear altogether, by raising and lifting the skin. For areas such as the cheeks, that made need revolumizing and revitalizing for a more youthful look, firmer dermal fillers are optimal and more enduring. Whereas for more delicate work, such as for smoker's lines around the mouth (the peri-oral area), gentler and smoother fillers are necessary. This prevents the area from being over-treated, and ensures a natural-looking result.

Drooping mouth corners (marionette lines), nose to mouth lines (nasolabial folds), smoker's lines (perioral lines) and lip shaping or revolumizing are common sites for treatment with dermal filler.

Dermal Fillers

The Lips

The lips alter with age like any other part of the body. Fine wrinkles appear in the upper lip causing the edges of the lips to appear blurred and the shape of the upper lip to lose it's distinction. Dermal filler can be used to decrease or eliminate the wrinkles around the mouth and increase the definition of the contours of the lips, better delineating the Cupid's bow, and optimizing the lip's height and shape.

However, it may not be aging which causes a desire for improvement in the lips. More and more younger women are seeking to enhance their facial profile with beautiful, defined and enhanced lips. The danger with lip treatments, is that they can give the lips an abnormal appearance, such as the swollen looking ‘rubber-tyre’ and ‘trout pout’ that many of us will be aware of. Therefore it is important to have skilled and sensitive treatment which ensures a natural looking eveness, symmetry and proportion in the final result.

Treatment Areas Offered:

The amount and type of filler needed is dependent on the client, so the prices listed below are merely a guide. Come and see us today for a free consultation to get an accurate quote.

  • Chin Crease- From £204
  • Standard Lips- From £204
  • Smoker’s Lines- From £153
  • Marionette Lines- From £204
  • Nasolabial Folds- From £204
  • Glabellar Frown Lines- From £204
  • Eyebrow Volume and Re-shape- From £204

*Specific pricing is provided on assessment and will be dependent on wrinkle depth and surrounding facial volume.

Dermal Filler Lips

The Service

Before any treatment is carried out, an assessment is made, which will include reviewing your medical history, to check that treatment with dermal fillers is appropriate for you. After that a topical anaesthetic is applied. When that has taken effect, treatment itself usually takes 30 minutes.

The treatment involves:

  1. An anaesthetic is applied to the skin
  2. The skin is cleansed
  3. Dermal filler is injected into the wrinkle or skin depression.
  4. The skin is cleansed again
  5. Two-week follow-up. (For Anti-Wrinkle Treatment and Lip Fillers only). You will be encouraged to come back for a check up, but this is not obligatory.

Typical Questions from Patients

Is it Safe?

Allergic reactions these days are highly unlikely. Whereas they used to be made of animal based products which often caused reactions, modern dermal fillers are man-made and therefore less reactive.

Does it hurt?

The topical anaesthetics that we use are highly effective when applied for the right amount of time. Certain dermal fillers contain a local anaesthetic as well for enhanced pain relief. Some particularly sensitive areas, such as the lips, need an anaesthetic and you will be offered this as part of your treatment at no extra cost.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices start at £150. The exact cost will depend on the site of treatment and on how many syringes are needed. The desired result will dictate how many syringes are used. An accurate price will be provided during your consultation.

How Does It Work?

Basically, dermal fillers lift and plump the skin. The hyaluronic acid which is in the filler is hydrophilic, meaning that it will draw water to the area causing further plumping of the area and therefore smoothing of wrinkles.

How Long Does It Last?

This ranges from 2 months to 18 months and is dependent on the type of filler that is used. There are 9 grades of thickness in fillers and lighter fillers do not last as long as firmer fillers.

How Will My Skin Look?

For the first day, the skin will look red and swollen. For some clients, this will quickly disappear after an hour, but for others it may last for a 24 hours. Immediately after the treatment, the level of lift produced by the filler will be visible. However, it will start to hydrate afterwards.

What Are the Side Effects?

Common side effects are swelling, tenderness and bruising which are all related to the skin trauma caused by the injection needle. The lower cheeks and marionette lines are particularly susceptible to bruising.

What Should I Look Out For in the Different Brands of Dermal Fillers that Clinics are Offering?

The majority of dermal fillers are prescription only, and as a result of the legalities surrounding prescription drugs, we cannot mention them on the website. You will need to ask your practitioner how long the dermal filler has been available on the market and what the dermal filler’s safety profile is. A dermal filler that has been available for more than ten years and has a good safety record is a good place to start.

What is Restylane?

Manufactured by QMed/Galderma, Restylane is a brand of hyaluronic acid dermal filler.

Dermal Filler - Facial Treatments

What is Scultpra?

Sculptra stimulates the collagen and is a brand of dermal filler. Treatment with Sculptra is gradual, and is completed over a period of 3 months in several treatments. Full and final results can take up to 10 months to be realised.

Can the same results as Sculptra be achieved with anything else?

Yes. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can instantly produce the revolumising effect, which means you don’t have to wait for ten months!

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