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Dental Implants Birmingham

Dental Implants Birmingham
Kings Heath
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Selly Oak
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Why Choose Us

TEN REASONS TO CHOOSE Dental Implants Birmingham

At Dental Implants Birmingham, we want to ensure you’ll receive the best Dental Service possible. To achieve this we have developed ten principles to make sure each time you visit Dental Implants Birmingham, you’ll receive the utmost standard of care.

A warm welcome: We will welcome you into a warm, friendly, caring and professional environment.

Efficiency: We understand that your time is precious. At Dental Implants Birmingham you won’t find yourself on a waiting list.

Continued development: We believe you should receive the most up to date standards of dental care, so all our dentists attend regular training on the latest dental treatment methods and dental instrumentation.

Convenient Locations: We have eight practices across Birmingham and the Midlands for you to choose from. These practices are located in Alcester, Billesley, Hansworth Wood, Kings Heath, Northfield, Longbridge, Selly Oak, Sheldon and West Heath. We will continue to expand our geographic reach to reduce the distance you have to travel.

Excellent levels of care: We want you to feel your needs and expectations are being consistently met; to the highest of standards. We know that to someone you are the most important person in the world. We hope that by providing you with an excellent level of care, that you will feel able to recommend our services to your closest friend or relative.

Compassion: We have an excellent history of caring for nervous patients. We understand that a trip to the dentist is not something most people look forward to. We offer the latest in sedation treatments to give you the option of pain free procedures while we improve your smile or dental health.

Outstanding Customer Service: We believe in making sure you receive the best treatment and not just while you’re sitting in our dentist’s chair. Your needs, expectations and experience of our service and dental treatment is paramount.

Always honest: We believe in doing the right thing. On occasions, we may have to give you unpleasant news about the condition of your dental heath. However, we strive to act with honesty and integrity by only recommending the necessary treatment and most appropriate procedures to ensure your dental health is in the best condition.

Commitment to you: We will offer you our undivided attention. We will give you the choice of receiving the best possible treatment regardless of if you are a private patient, NHS customer or member of our Dental Plan.

Affordable treatment: We believe cost should never prevent good dental care and so We offer all our patients access to our Smile Plan. This plan spreads out the cost of your dental treatment. The plan scales with your dental care, giving the largest discounts for more advanced treatments such as Crowns and Dental Implants.