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Orthodontic Treatment

Crooked and crowded teeth are a problem for many people. However, with orthodontic treatment, teeth can be straightened and positioned comfortably through the use of a brace. While orthodontic treatment is best suited to children, it is also a suitable option for adults.

How it works

Orthodontic treatment involves the use of various appliances known as braces. Prior to treatment beginning, the orthodontist will discuss what course of action is best for you as well as when the process can begin and how long it is expected to take. Your teeth will need a full examination before the orthodontist can begin treatment, which may require X-rays and moulds to be taken of your teeth. So that the treatment achieves the best result, it is sometimes necessary for teeth to be removed in order to create the required amount of space inside your mouth.

Traditional Braces

A removable brace uses gentle pressure to help manoeuvre your teeth and is often required for basic treatment. A fixed brace, on the other hand, features brackets and bands that will be attached to your teeth temporarily. This brace may be chosen to aid those who have more complex dental issues.

Damon Braces

Featuring self-ligating brackets and shape memory wires, Damon braces are an inventive new approach to orthodontics. Able to move your teeth using light pressure, Damon braces are also widely believed to be more comfortable than traditional braces and are well-suited to more complicated dental problems.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign braces are also available to provide you with teeth that are both healthy and pleasing to the eye. Improving your teeth by helping them make a gradual move into the desired position, these clear aligners are specifically tailored towards you. As an added bonus, Invisalign braces are removable, which means that it is simpler for you to clean your teeth and eat. Further advice about Invisalign braces and their benefit to you is provided by our orthodontic specialists in Birmingham and Alcester.

Six Month Smiles

Offering gradual movement to your teeth, Six Months Smiles braces are comfortable for you to wear. Tooth-coloured for a discrete appearance, in just 6 months these cosmetic braces can straighten your teeth, with the average time taken being between 4-9 months.

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